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This is an article that was published on 7x7 San Francisco last month.

Ellera Resort Wear’s Studio Offers an Escape from the Mundane on Mid-Market

Tucked among the artist studios in the Room & Makers collective lies an escape from the City

Walking down Mid-Market, going through the same routine every day, it’s easy for the mind to day dream for an escape from the grit and grime. But next time you are zoning out on your podcast or thinking “did he really just tweet that?”, take a minute to notice the studio windows at Room & Makers at 1633 Market street, an art collective that creates a haven for painters, sculptors, fabric artists, and fashion designers. There, we found a designer creating refined clothes that are neither difficult nor boring.

Ellera Resort Wear blends a European aesthetic with American comfort for a result that is sophisticated yet effortless. But don’t be fooled by the term ‘resort wear’; we are not talking about Hawaiian prints and Florida vacations.

The beauty about this collection is that it is approachable and versatile, whether it be for a night out in the city, a weekend in wine country, or your next vacation. The collection includes everything from bold jumpsuits and flirty dresses, to swimwear and cover-ups. Seductive draping, clean lines, and peek -a- boo details are some of the many design elements that make this line unique.

But, Ellera is not just about looking good. In addition to fine details, Ellera is also about doing good. Most of Ellera’s clothing is created by using surplus fabric from the fashion industry. Designer Elle Kuvvetli strives to ensure her clothing is ethically manufactured, by contracting production to a family owned, small business in California.

Ellera is a woman-owned business, and fashion design runs in her family. Elle’s own mother owned a custom dress atelier and her earliest memories include designing her own clothes and begging her mom to sew them. Elle makes a living by working for a tech company by day but her true north is her design business.

Wondering you how you can catch a glimpse of the latest collection? Ellera Resort Wear will have an open house on September 20 from 3pm. You can also shop Ellera online at www.ellera.net.

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